Skaļruņi Edifier Bookshelf S1000MKII Brown, Bluetooth, Wireless connection

Artikuls: S1000MKII

235,55 ar PVN

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Bluetooth Yes
Īpašās funkcijas Pure and accurate audio is delivered with the upgraded titanium tweeter. Low distortion and high strength are come out from the classic wooden Edifier speakers; You can connect to many different types of devices, both coaxial and optical, with the speakers. Enjoy your personal time after connecting to your game consoles, TV boxes, mobile phones, laptops, and many more devices
Produkta krāsa Brown
Ieejas tips 2 x AUX, Bluetooth
Savietojamībai OS, Android, MacOS, or Windows device
Frekvences diapazons 45 Hz – 40K Hz