Xiaomi SH50 Zila SMART4U

Artikuls: SH50BLUEM

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This smart and safe helmet is equipped with automatic sensor lighting and passive protection, so you always arrive at your destination safely! This handy helmet is equipped with high brightness LED lights. Thanks to the automatic on and off function, this helmet is able to automatically start up or go to standby mode based on the ambient light. Thanks to the 7 bright LEDs, the helmet is visible up to 180 meters without blinding.

The stylish helmet is beautiful to look at, but also functional: thanks to the waterproof design, the helmet is suitable for short exposure to rain. Also, the helmet can be fixed with the adjustable strap with head circumferences from 57 to 61cm.

In addition to these functionalities, there is of course the safety aspect for better protection on the road. The outside of the helmet is made of PC (polycarbonate) material, the inside is designed with PSI-205T high density EPS polystyrene foam. This integral design of external and internal layers keeps you well protected even in heavy falls.

A streamlined design and 12 ventilation openings

The helmet’s simple appearance with its streamlined brim makes it ideal for use on bicycles, skateboards and electric bikes. The 12 built-in vents further emphasize safety and ease of use. With the 12 vents, riding with the helmet becomes a lot cooler.

Extra handy: the automatic brake warning. When the built-in sensor detects a significant deceleration, the LED taillight will automatically light up for about 2 seconds, just like a brake light on a car, alerting vehicles behind you.

    • 12 ventilation holes
    • Adjustable strap included
    • Automatic on and off function
    • Smart Sensor Lighting
    • Integrated Master Control
    • Operation with one push of a button