Elektriskais Skrejritenis Neoline T28 (jaunais modelis ar uzlabojumiem)

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Neoline T28 (jaunais modelis ar uzlabojumiem)

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Ātrums (max) 25 km/h
Baterijas jauda – 36 V / 12.5 Ah
Riepu izmērs – 10,5″
Veicamā distance no vienas akumulatora uzlādes (max) 50 km
3 braukšanas režīmi: Eco, Standard, Drive
Bremzes Front drum brake and rear electric brake
Motora jauda – 350 W
Laiks nepieciešams līdz pilnai uzlādei – 8 h
Iebūvēta kruīza kontrole
Līdzi nāk pamācība un lādētājs
Throttle: trigger
Krāsa – Melns
1. Additional protection against moisture of all electronic components, as well as the deck itself and
technological openings for commutation wires, as well as cables.
2. The folding mechanism is made of a more durable material, which minimizes the formation of backlash.
3. Additional elements were installed to fix the position of wires and cables in the steering column, which
made it possible to avoid extraneous noise and their chafing.
4. The painting is done with better quality materials.
5. Added rubber plugs to the rear wheel hub axle to prevent dirt and moisture from entering, which
protects the bearings and increases bearing life
6. All bolts are processed with a high quality Loctite 243 thread lock, which ensures a reliable connection of
all components of the electric scooter
7. All rubbing metal parts (axles, shafts, bearings) are treated with a special grease based on mineral oil and a
lithium complex with EP additives.
8. Lubricated brake cables for easier grip pressure and added protection against cable chafing
9. Reflectors are made of higher quality material thatprovides a snug fit to metal parts and a secure fit